Please note that access and navigation on the Site, subscription to the newsletter list sent by our Company, any information, content in any form (including videos or other information) provided by the Website, search of the nearest store for the supply of products as well as communication with the Company and the general possibilities and functions provided through the Website are addressed to persons who meet cumulatively the following conditions:

  • (i) are persons over the age of 18 (age to be filled when accessing the Website and any action related to it);
  • (ii) live or reside in Greece and the European Union
  • (iii) have full legal capacity (hereinafter “Users”).


Access and use of the Site by the User is subject to these Terms of Use.

The Company invites Users to read these Terms of Use carefully prior to any visit or use of the Site.

Entry for navigation on the Site as well as the creation of a User’s account is made by the unconditional acceptance in writing of all these Terms of Use on behalf of the User.

User consent is given by written declaration or by other electronic means, ie by filling in a box that appears on this Site when the User enters it.

The User must frequently visit the Terms of Use as they may be modified from time to time without the obligation to provide any information other than posting on the Website. Both these Terms of Use and any modifications thereto constitute the contractual framework governing the relationship between the User and the Company at any time. In the event of a Disagreement or Reservation of the User for part or all of these terms, the User is required to abstain from accessing or navigating the Website or any other action thereon and informing the Company in the email [email protected] , otherwise from accessing the Site, the acceptance of all Terms of Use is unconditional.



The Website provides the User with a variety of ways to communicate. The communication of the Company with the User, which takes place through the website or e-mail kept in it and according to the provisions of the Website, takes place at the initiative and request of the User who consents to it and in no case does not take place at the initiative of the Company even in cases where the same company invites the User to the contact information indicated by him, as well as in case the Company makes contact only after a previous request and under the terms of the Privacy Policy described in detail below.


The use of the newsletter application is subject to its terms of use and to the “NOTIFICATION OF PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION” (hereinafter “Notification”), which forms part of these Terms of Use.

The Company respects the privacy of each user of the application. The “Disclosure” briefly lists the information that the Company can gather and how it can use it, as well as information about the actions the user of the application should do if he does not wish the collection or further data processing of his / her personal information when visiting the application.

These “Terms of Use” and “Disclosure” may be reviewed and updated at any time and without notice. Users are kindly requested to check these terms at regular intervals for possible changes, as the continued use of the application implies accepting any possible modifications.


The collected personal data and data are stored within the European Union and the Economic Zone. Any transfer outside the Zone will take place in accordance with the relevant legislation of the country as long as it complies with the European Union Regulation.

 In particular, the data that is required is the following (in order of their appearance in the record fields):

  • e-mail (email address)
  • User password
  • Language
  • Title
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Sex
  • Phone
  • Date of birth
  • Area
  • City
  • Postal code

The optional data are the following:

  •  Way of product information
  • Type of identification document
  • Identification document number
  • Street
  • Number

 In addition to the above mentioned personal data such as your full name, address, email address and telephone number. During each visit to our site, further data is automatically collected for technical reasons, such as the IP address of the internet access provider on your computer for internet access, or information about the website you used to visit our site, or in relation to the web browser used by you (technical information). This technical information may, in individual cases, constitute personal data. As a general rule, we use technical data only to the extent, necessary, technical reasons, for the operation and protection of our site against attacks and abuse, as well as in pseudonymous or anonymous form for statistical purposes.


  1. Required as mandatory data is necessary, relevant, and appropriate for the Company to take any reasonable additional protection measure and as much as possible to ensure that no minors navigate to the entire content and for purposes of identifying the User from the Website. In particular, collecting Mandatory User Data through the creation of a User Account and processing thereof by the Company is necessary for the User’s ability to navigate the Site and for further viewing of content in order to fulfill the Company’s legal obligations in relation to the applicable legislation as well as proof of compliance with applicable law, ethics and policy of the Company for the protection of personal data and prohibition of sale, advertising and promotion products to minors. Finally, the above mandatory User Data is required to complete the order and send it via e-shop.
  2. Optional data are collected only if the User so wishes and will be processed by the Company for the purpose of extracting statistical conclusions in relation to its products.

Optional data may also be completed if the user agrees to accept direct commercial communication from the Company.




 The User may, when he / she wishes, give his / her general consent in order to receive direct commercial communication from the Company.

In particular, the Company will use the data provided by the User (telephone, sms, email or mail) in order to inform him/her about its products, promotions and events, as well as for future communication with the bulletin newsletter via email regarding products sold by the Company in general. In addition, for reasons of security and compliance with the Company’s legal obligations as well as all ethical rules, participation in the Contact List will only be activated under the following conditions:

Their participation in this List will remain inactive until the Company has the ability to identify the User and confirm his or her age which takes place if the User makes his / her registration on the Contact List either personally through the Website or through the call center.

Once that identification has been successfully completed, then its membership in the List will be activated and the User will be notified by email in the address he has declared.

The above confirmation of the identity and age of the User is strictly necessary to meet the Company’s legal obligations and to ensure the User’s own, and the User provides his consent to direct commercial communication in full awareness of the above specific conditions.


 The above List with the personal data of each User stored therein after activation in the above legally exposed will be kept in the Company’s electronic record for a period of two years. As time goes by, the stored data will be deleted from the List, or an email will be sent to the User for re-processing and resuming storage.


 Registered personal data are processed only by the Company and for its commercial purposes as detailed in its Articles of Association without being transported, or sold for business purposes to third parties other than the Company.

 We collect process and use your personal data, especially when you visit our site, when you sign up, whenever you sign in to an existing customer account or when ordering products. These actions are strictly for the sole purpose of providing the services of this e-shop and always upon your explicit consent that is given once upon registration on the site.


 For the specific processing of the data we collect from you, you are informed whether their protection is already in place or whether your additional consent is required and whether you are required to provide the data and the consequences in the event of a refusal.


  1.  Right of access to the given personal data.

The user has the right to request at any time information about the personal data of the same that the Company maintains. It may communicate with the Company which will provide any information regarding the User’s request via email.

  1. Portability Right.

Whenever the Company processes the stored personal data, the User has the right to receive personal data that has been provided to the Company’s Editor in a “structured, commonly used and machine readable format” as well as the right to transmit such data directly to another controller (Article 29 of the Regulation) for their own purposes.

The user may exercise this right for as long as the Processing Manager continues to process the data.

  1. Right to withdraw consent.

The User may cancel his or her consent already granted at any time and the Processing Manager shall facilitate this process.

In particular, the User may withdraw his / her consent, either by providing relevant information to [email protected] or by telephone numbers 2106770100, or in a specific way indicated to him in the commercial communication he will receive at any time during both when his/her  participation in the list is inactive as well as after activating its listing.

For any other use of the data, the User is notified by the Company and re-consents.

  1. Right to the lettuce

The user may submit a request for a complete deletion of his data and the Processing Manager is obliged to perform it if among others 1. The data are no longer useful for the purposes collected, 2. The User has withdrawn the consent.

  1. Right of limination

The user may exercise the right to restrict the processing provided that 1. The accuracy of the relevant data is questioned; 2. The user does not wish to delete the data; 3. The data are no longer necessary for the original purpose; however, they cannot be deleted due to legal reasons and 4. The user has opposed the processing and the relevant decision is pending.


 By accepting this Privacy Policy as well as Privacy Policy of the Company, the User declares that he has been fully and extensively informed by the Company of the above for all the statutory data and that he is aware of the above-described legal rights he has described he may exercise them at any time in the data of the Processing Manager.


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We use cookies for the best possible operation, correct browsing, linking and moving to the pages as well as for providing promotional content based on your interests and needs. Cookies are also used to analyze how visitors use our site, how they are browsing, or whether they are experiencing a problem before we can fix it. All information collected from these cookies is anonymous and is used only to improve the structure and content of the site.

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