The Only Threads with Triple FDA Clearances

Our PDO lifting threads are the first and only device of its kind to have three FDA clearances for skin approximation, nasolabial fold depth reduction, and facial suspension surgery.

MINT™ also offers one of the most diverse product portfolios in the US market that make it easy to customize treatments for patients of all needs. With bi-directional, multi-directional barb threads, and smooth threads available in styles and sizes, explore the unlimited possibilities with MINT™ PDO.

MINT™ threads are made using patented technology where the barbs are press-molded on the surface in a 360 degree helical pattern. Compared to other brands where barbs are cut directly from the core of the thread, MINT™ barbs are designed separately then press molded onto the core to preserve the integrity of both the barb and the thread. When it comes to nonsurgical lifts, no other PDO threads come close to the degree of power that MINT™ offers.